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I'm kinda shy and bad at commenting, so I don't reply to comments much (unless you ask a question or something), but I appreciate every single one TONS, as well as favourites and watches! :heart:

I'm not open for requests, trades or commissions, sorry.
but here's another thing regarding commenting that has been bugging me for years and years but that i've been quiet about because i hate conflict ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if i draw a thing - say, a character, a pairing or a situation - that you don't like, don't feel the need to say that. that is not information that you need to tell me. i don't need (or want) to know that. i don't expect everyone to like everything i do, and it's 100% okay to dislike things that i like (and conversely to like things that i dislike), but there is literally zero reason for you to tell me that you do.

this does not mean, of course, that you aren't allowed to critique my art. if you see something wrong technically - like weird anatomy or fucked up perspective or a spot i forgot to colour in - then absolutely feel free to point that out! what i don't like is when people criticize the subject of my drawings. i draw for me. i choose what i draw based on what i like and what i want to draw, and whether other people like it is completely secondary. which is not to say that it doesn't feel nice when people like the stuff i draw - because it does feel SUPER nice - but i'm not going to draw or stop drawing something just because the people who follow/watch me like or dislike it. if i did, i would never get to draw anything because people like and dislike different things and there will always be someone who dislikes something.

so, if you see me (or anyone, really) drawing a character/pairing/whatever that you don't like and you feel the need to write a comment about that, please consider: what do you think you're going to accomplish? why do you feel that the artist who clearly likes the thing enough to draw it needs to know that you hate it? because i can tell you right now what you're going to accomplish at most: making the artist feel bad. not necessarily bad enough to stop liking/drawing the thing but bad nevertheless, and if that's what you're actually trying to accomplish? then you can fuck right off.

that being said, i honestly don't think that most people who comment like that do it to be hurtful or because they're assholes. i think they do it because they can, because there's no reason not to as there're no repercussions, and because it's sometimes very hard to remember that other people on the internet are exactly that: people, with feelings and their own personalities and likes and dislikes, who do things for their own reasons and not for you. and i kinda feel like age is often (though not always) a factor, too. when people grow up, they start (hopefully) learning that not everything needs to be said just because it can be said, that there is a time and place for everything, and that their words have an effect on people and that you should generally speaking think before you speak, even on the internet. the lack or repercussions shouldn't be the only thing keeping you from being a jerk.

phrasing is another big part of this. if you absolutely need to say that you don't care about the subject of an artist's drawing, phrase it in a way that makes it clear that it's just your opinion and not a universal truth: instead of "[thing] is shit" or "[thing] is the worst thing to come out of [fandom]" or "ew how can you like [thing]", say "i'm personally not a fan of [thing], but" or "i don't usually like [thing], but". words have meanings and people are not mind readers (except the ones that are, i guess??? but i think it's safe to assume that most aren't), so if you tell someone that the thing they like enough to draw is "the worst thing to come out of the fandom", don't be surprised if they're upset by it, and if you get called out on being a dick, don't act like a victim who's getting brutally attacked for harmlessly expressing an opinion. again, words have meanings and you choose the words you use.

tl;dr: please be considerate of other people. be mindful of the things you say, offline or online. don't be a jerk.

(i'm going to regret writing this approximately 0.1 seconds after i click 'submit' lol)

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Just so you know

I get excited every time I see your art updates in my inbox. Especially the Undertale ones.

Never stop. :heart:
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Holy crap are you from Finland?! Koska kun katoin tosta sun profiilista niin näytti siltä että oot welp...Mark lost it.-Markiplier (request) 

though if you're not just ignore me ;-;
frostious Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Suomestapa hyvinkin! :3
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Wow. Mä oon täysin kuolemassa täällä koska WOW mahtavia ihmisiä suomesta on täällä. ;0
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Never stop. Don't listen to the asshats. Hateful trolls are butts. You're not a butt. You're the furthest thing from you're a...uh, you're the edge of the expanding universe? Well, I'm sure it's awesome too. Not as awesome as you though.
You can do it. You're art is amazing. You're very talented. We love you. We love Undertale. We're very grateful for your effort. We appreciate the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that it took for each and every doodle to masterpiece.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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